Afterburner Light Ring Systems

All of our systems use high power 1-watt emitter style lights (Luxeon type)






click on the light ring photo to the left for a demonstration video

The lights are so bright they actually blind the video camera and turn the surrounding area black when shot indoors

Click on the above link for an outdoor demo.



Our state of the art AB Light Controller with digital throttle link and integral cooling fan. 











The Controller for our AB Light System can deliver more than 12 amps of power to the AB Light rings and with up to 32- 1watt emitters per single ring, the Details 4 Scale AB Light System delivers un-surpassed simulated  afterburner lighting ability and the highest light output on the market. Visible up to 1/2 mile in daylight conditions.




We are proud to introduce our new line of absolute scale effect Afterburner Light Units.

We currently have 3 size AB rings available. 68mm ID/80mm OD, 95mm ID/110mm OD, 112mm ID, 132mm OD

The 2 larger sized units can use 32 1-watt emitter style LEDs, the 68mm and 95mm ( for use in twin exhaust applications) units use 16 1-watt emitters each.

The programmable control unit is interfaced with the throttle channel to provide exact on/off control for each unit. A second input channel can also provide an actual electronic on/off from any other receiver channel. This input prevents the throttle from having any starting effect on the AB light unit when the switch is in the off position. This keeps the pilot from having to unplug the AB unit's main battery to prevent it from coming on during a flight.

The scale effects include; random flame flicker at startup and shutdown with a very realistic slow steady (user adjustable) ramp up in flame light output power. Each unit can be customized using red, red/orange, amber, warm white or bright white emitters in any combination at the customers descression to produce a desired scale effect. The resulting system produces the most brightest, most powerful scale AB light effects available.


Click here for the AB Light System Manual.