1/5 Scale Airworld F-100D/F Scale Parts and Accessories

Ali Machinchy's new Airworld F-100D built by Trond Hammerstad of Norway


We are proud to offer several new scale parts and accessories for the Airworld F-100D/F.

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We also offer our Multi Watt PRO scale lighting system complete with all scale lenses and retractable landing lights for the AW F-100D/F. Click here for pricing.

















F102 Afterburner Nozzle (fully finished as shown, ready to install).








Molded Tailhook with guard (mounting hardware included)
















Front radio bay with molded hatch and hinge

(unit fits perfectly above the inlet.)










Nose steering box assembly. Shown here before painting.










Folding aluminum nose probe with molded base.







Molded tail bumper assembly












Molded gun ports (4 pcs. F-100D, 2 pcs. F-model)










Scale Drag Chute System with scale slotted drag chute.



1/5th Scale F-100D/F Ordnance















Shown above:

6 Pylon Set (2 inner weapons pylons, 2 tank pylons, 2 outer weapons pylons)

1/5th Scale AGM-12A Bullpup Missiles (inner pylon)

1/5th scale Mk-82 low drag bombs (outer pylon)

1/5th Scale 275gallon drop tanks (available soon)

AGM-45 Shrike Missile (typical F-100F Anti-Radiation missile-Wild Weasel mission)



shown assembled, un-painted