Airworld Models


BAE Hawk


  Our first custom parts for Airworld Models are for the BAE Hawk. We now have available inner and outer weapons pylons and ordinance for the Airworld Hawk.

Johnny Hernandez's beautiful Hawk is shown here in between sorties at FLA Jets 2009.

Johnny's Hawk was awarded "Best Military Jet" at this years event.



 Matra 155 Rocket Pod Kit includes 2 rocket pod bodies made from molded fiberglass and 2 molded cones. The bodies are furnished in primer gray, while the cones are molded in white plastic. Complete mounting hardware is included.



Matra Magic 550 Missile Kit and missile rails:

Missiles are molded fiberglass body furnished in primer white with molded white plastic fins. Rails are molded primer gray fiberglass.

All mounting hardware is included.


1/5th Saab Gripen



Now available in "Super Scale" for the 1/5ht Scale SAAB Gripen:

AGM-65 Maverick Missiles

Aim-9L Sidewinder Missiles

Belly Tank





Fully molded belly fuel tank with molded plastic fins tank measures 34.5LX6.5WX4.5H weight 19oz.

AGM-65 Maverick Missiles with molded plastic fins, clear camera lens and detailed plastic molded mini camera. 20.5" L

AIM-9 Sidewinders fully detailed with molded plastic fins and rocket nozzle. 24.5" length














F9F-8 Cougar



F9F-8 Cougar 190 gallon wing tanks with scale inner Aero 65A tank pylons. Complete with all mounting hardware.





Scale outer Aero 15A wing pylons and Aim-9 sidewinder missiles and launch rails. Photo coming soon.