Aviation Design Jets


We now have many new items added for the AD SU-27/35 airframe.


SU-27/35 Scale Drag Chute System























SU-27/35 Chute System: System includes: New fiberglass tailcone, hinge system, chute housing, chute ejection system and twin scale cross chute. (please specify color of chute when ordering, white/red or white/orange)


Scale operating refueling boom.






All necessary parts are included to make the boom operational and functional. The aircraft can actually be fueled thru the refueling boom system!



SU-35 Scale Dual Ice Scraper

Unit comes as shown in primer gray, ready to paint and install.








Su-35 Scale molded fin parts and lighting.








Scale molded gun barrel unit.







Scale operating canopy system with electronic canopy sequencer.

Unit comes with canopy hinge, locking system, hardware and our variable speed electronic canopy sequencer. Note the refueling boom in the extended position.








Scale aluminum/brass pitot tube.

Unit comes assembled, ready to paint. Aluminum tip section is polished aluminum.







Scale functional 90 oz Kevlar fuel tank system with molded mounting brackets.

System includes outer scale tank with molded mounting brackets with an internal 90 ounce Kevlar fuel tank.










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