Gear Sentry Help Page


Gear Sentry/Jet Tronics/Mini Hobby Sequencer Programming Conflict Help:


When using the Details 4 Scale "Gear Sentry" unit and the "Jet Tronics" or "Mini Hobby" Sequencer Units together, you must first program the "Gear Sentry" first and charge the air system before attempting to program the sequencer unit, or a conflict will occur and the sequencer WILL NOT function. Once the "Gear Sentry" unit has been fully programmed, the sequencer can then be programmed. Be sure to install the shorting block that bypasses the gear safety switch when using the Jet Tronics sequencer, as it already has this function. It remembers last switch position when the transmitter is turned off. Failure to install the shorting block will result in a programming conflict between the "Gear Sentry" and the "Jet Tronics" sequencer.