Mibo Jets A-10

(Ron Ballard's Gen 4 A-10)

Scale operating canopy, Multi Watt lighting system,

Scale operating Leading Edge Slats (gen 4 only),

or Gen3 and gen4 A-10s









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Molded from rugged Epoxy-Urethane, the new operating canopy system has a scale functioning scale locking system, 7 second scale canopy cycle time (when using the electronic canopy sequencer). The unit requires 2 standard case high torque servos for operation.

Each unit comes fully assembled (less servos) and is a snap to install. Complete with carbon fiber canopy cross braces that fit into the pre-molded slots in the canopy arms, integral molded servo tray, custom servo actuator arm (please specify, Futaba, JR or Hitec servo spline). The actuator servo performs both locking and raising of the rear hinge cover plate to maintain the "true scale" appearance of the canopy system by raising the cover plate behind the canopy as on the full scale A-10.




Canopy shown in the closed/locked position








Canopy shown in the un-locked position just prior to being raised by the lift servo. Very scale in appearance; functions just like the real aircraft.







Close-up of canopy raised showing the canopy unit installed within the fuselage, less actuating servo.

Thanks to Bob Levine for the great installation photos.







Hidden Hatch Latch System:



Hidden latch system shown installed on the A-10. A simple ball driver is all that is required for operation. The hole required is only 5/32" and is drilled directly thru the scale scribe on the top of the fuse hatch. The latch can be used anywhere there is a hatch with no hatch tabs showing.










Hidden Latch System shown installed on the center top fuse hatch. The unit makes for a very clean, simple and reliable installation.







Multi Watt Scale Lighting System for the A-10



Scale Lighting System Includes:

Multi Watt Scale Lighting Controller, All lights, wire harnesses (pre-sized, plug n' play), all scale lenses and fixtures.

1 Watt fixed lighting with 3 watt strobes.

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Operational Inboard Diverter Slat System: (now available)



Mibo A-10 Slat unit shown retracted and fully extended. The units operate from 2 standard case servos. The operating units come fully assembled, ready to install.











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Links to A-10 Parts Installation Manuals:



Operational Inboard Slat System

Operational Canopy System and Electronic Canopy Sequencer Setup

A-10 ladder sequencer unit