Advanced Multi Watt "PRO" Lighting System

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NEW PRO DIMENSIONS 2.93"X 2.1" X .710"

WEIGHT 3 ounces w/o battery






We are proud to announce the release of our latest "PRO" navigation lighting control systems.

The latest "PRO"system comes with our most advanced digital controller yet. The new"PRO" controller features (2) double ping 3 watt strobe ports with a fixed scale strobe rate , (1) 3 watt "ramp up" style beacon strobe, (2) 1 watt pulse strobes, (6) 1 watt position lighting ports (for red, green or clear lighting) , (4) 1 watt landing light ports,(2) low power 1/4 watt cockpit lighting ports and (1) low power strobe lighting port. An integral 5v. 2.2 cfm cooling fan is included. Total output capacity is a staggering 10.5 amps. (3) 3.5 amp digital LDO SMT regulators give the new controller it's powerful lighting punch in a smaller size than our previous STD Multi Watt unit. The cooling fan gives the controller unsurpassed cool running operation while allowing full output power. 

One servo channel input and one servo channel output port come standard on each controller. These ports are fully programmable with separate ATV's and servo reverse outputs allowing for retract channel/aux input and a servo output channel separate from the transmitter to control things like retractable landing lights or other scale options that can be tied to the retract channel without any influence from the TX.

An optional transmitter switch interface allows the use of a separate channel to control the on/off power to the PRO controller via any transmitter channel.

All lighting systems are designed to meet specific custom airframe requirements with all wire harnesses pre-assembled for plug and play use. No soldering is ever necessary except for the battery connections.

Each unit comes with a pair of Molex (1) male pigtail and (2) female pigtail connectors for use with high capacity 6.6volt A123 (min 3000mAH), 7.2volt (6cell) NiMh or (2 cell) 7.2 volt LiPo batteries. second female connector is for a charger adapter.

Each Multi Watt Lighting Systems includes the following:

1 Advanced Multi-Watt PRO Lighting Controller

full wire harness set up for your specific airframe with all necessary lights (retractable light units available separately)

scale molded lenses if currently offered on our standard stocked lighting systems

1 set of Molex (12 amp)  battery connectors (1 male pigtail, 2 female pigtails)

1 programming shorting block

instruction manual

All of our currently available lighting systems will be available with the new controller and lighting. See our online store for the current pricing with our Advanced Multi-Watt controller.




New Multi Watt PRO Lighting System prices start at $335.00 USD

If you don't see your aircraft's lighting system listed on the online store, e-mail or call us for a lighting system quote today.

e-mail:    phone:208-233-4721 M-F   9-6 MST USA

Online STD. Multi Watt Controller Manual

Online Multi Watt PRO Controller Manual