Skygate Hawk Detail Parts


Some of the painting on the Hawk has been completed, but it's still not finished. Here are some pictures of the components that are now available before painting. If you are interested in ordering any of the parts shown below, please visit our online store. Click here to visit store...


Inner Pylons and 130 gal. Scale Wing Tanks

Our latest scale features available for the Skygate Hawk include scale inner wing pylons and scale 130 gallon wing tanks. Both the parts are available separately or packaged in a complete set. All mounting hardware is included with the parts. Check back for the latest details and photos on these new parts. Parts will be available December 15th. Place your order now.


Underbelly Gun Pod


Under belly gun pod comes fully assembled ready to fit and install. 4 attachment points are necessary to distribute the total load over the almost 36" long pod. The barrel comes pre-painted black,. The gun pod is fully detailed with raised head rivets, panel lines, molded external fairings and scoops (ready to glue in place) , and  molded in screw details. The rear of the pod has the filter unit as on the real Hawk. The photo above is shown with the optional door for use with the Micro Gun assembly from Europe. See photos below


Gun Pod Fuel Cells


      Five fuel cell options are available for the gun pod.  Kevlar fuel cells fit into the center of the gun pod just behind the gun pod's forward ply support structure. The fuel cells can be used for fuel or smoke oil. Use a single 30 ounce, twin 30 ounce, a single 65 ounce, combine the 65 oz. with a 30 oz., or use the 100 ounce single cell. The 65 and 100 ounce cells come with a carbon fiber tank hanger plate due to the tank's fuel loaded weight.



 65/30 ounce Kevlar gunpod fuel cells.







                                                   100 Kevlar fuel Cell





Front Radio Bay Access Panels (shown in gray primer)


The radio access panels replace the molded-in door panel areas with (2) recessed access units for radio/fuel/air equipment access. More photos below showing recessed bay and adjustable magnetic latch system.















Front left side radio service bay. Shown completed on the Swiss Hawk.








Front right radio service bay shown completed. The radio service bays greatly simplify the servicing of the batteries, fueling and the fuel shut off valves. The hatch/bays do away with the need to open the canopy for accessing the radio equipment during normal flight intervals.





Drogue Chute Housing with 26" Chute



Completed chute box installation including chute.







Chute box installed without chute.







Top view of chute box installation. The release cable clearly shown on the top of the chute box. This cable fastens the chute cable to the airframe and is releasable using a servo.





           Chute box door closed showing molded scale hinges. Hinges are  available separately or included with the chute box/chute pkg.  





Super Scale Fuselage Gauges








Super scale gauges for fuse. 2 pressure gauges, 1 hydraulic fluid gauge. Each gauge is a sealed, vacu-formed unit, ready to install.




Aim-9 Sidewinder/Pylons "Super Scale"

***These will be available after Nov. 10th, 2007***


Aim-9L missiles on launch rail and wing pylon. Available un-painted only. Kit includes (2) Aim-9L missiles (2) under wing pylons with mounting system. (2) intermediate pylon with missile rails, missile tip and rolleron covers.

These pylons fit only the outer pylon mounting location over the aileron horn covers.


Operating Canopy Mechanisms


Two operating canopy systems are available for the Hawk: Manual and Pneumatic (Auto)

The Manual Unit includes: Carbon fiber canopy hinges, hinge pin rod, carbon fiber canopy flange stiffener bar,  new wider rear console glare shield (needed to replace the standard unit that fits in the canopy, blind latching system (new), cockpit mounting tabs, complete instructions available on the website.

The Pneumatic (Auto) comes complete with everything above, plus, 1/2" air operating cylinder with mounting bracket, air adjust valve for operating speed, air lock cylinders, air tank and hoses. A Robart type spool valve, fill valve and "T" fittings are required for operation (not included).













Complete instructions link click here







Static Arrestor Parts


Molded bases and plug in arrestor wires shown.