Skymaster 1/6th F-16 ARF Plus

Now in Full Production


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Operational Nozzle (Turkey Feather) System: The operational nozzle system comes finished and fully assembled as shown. Installation requires that the rear 1.125" of the fuse be trimmed off for the new nozzle assembly to fit in the scale location. A trim template, new rear tailcone former and hardware are included with the unit.  An programmable digital throttle link nozzle controller completes the system allowing the modeler to add the new nozzle system by simply plugging into a "Y" connected to the throttle channel of the receiver or the throttle port on a power box. The electronic unit The unit is fully programmable for nozzle open timing, speed (open/close), duration of open/close and maximum endpoint travel open/close (within the mechanical limits of the nozzle). Our new F-16 AB lighting unit for the ultimate in scale realism will be available very soon.





Operating Canopy System

The new SM F-16 operating canopy system is now available.

Click on the above picture for an operational video of canopy and lighting (Approx. 9MB)


Our latest scale feature for the Skymaster 1/6th F-16 will add that special touch to your aircraft.

The operating canopy system can be added to any 1/6th Skymaster F-16, even a finished airframe with NO damage to the external paint finish of the aircraft.

The system includes the following for easy installation and operation:

Electronic canopy sequencer, canopy pivot main servo actuator mount, 1 pair canopy track rear pivot/slide  brackets, 4  locking units, 4 molded canopy hooks, molded locking unit servo tray with separate mounting tabs, carbon fiber lock unit pushrods and a complete set of cutout templates. Only a 1" Du-Bro heavy duty servo arm (or size equivalent) is necessary to complete the installation hardware. The servo arms come with mounting splines to match servo manufacturer type. An exact size tracing is included with the instruction manual.

The basic parts installation can be done in one evening.

Recommended servos for proper operation: Main canopy pivot servo: JR 8411 or equivalent

                                         Locking unit servos (2 req'd): JR 351 micro metal gear or equivalent


The electronic canopy sequencer handles all the timing functions necessary for the proper operation of the canopy open/close and lock sequencing. Each locking servo output has separate ATV and directional control; no need for reverse servos, the canopy servo output is pre-set for an 8 second cycle for open and close. The same amount of time necessary for the real F-16 to open/close and lock the canopy. No need to use servo slow on the transmitter. The sequencer uses input from one channel on the transmitter. Just flip the transmitter switch after the sequencer has been programmed and the sequencer does the rest for you. From open, the canopy will shut and the locks engage automatically. The reverse is true from closed to open. Or, you can select to use our Autochute II Plus unit and control both the chute deployment (automatically) and the canopy using our Canopy Sequencer Plus that slaves off the Autochute II Plus unit. The later units DO NOT require the use of any additional receiver channels, but instead receive control from the flap, brake, retract or throttle settings via simple "Y" connectors, thus saving a precious receiver channel for each function.


Introductory Price: $285.00 USD (includes standard canopy sequencer)


F-16 Speed Brake System 


Speed Brake Video Courtesy of Dave Carter








Speed brakes shown in full extended position.

Due to the amount of pirating currently going on in the jet industry, the instruction manual for the speed brakes is now only available to those who have purchased a speed brake system. Please contact us at  if you have purchased a system and require the manual. It will be made available to you immediately.

Thanks for your understanding. Dan Gill, Details 4 Scale


The new fully molded speed brake system is truly magnificent. Each set comes completely assembled and ready to install. Simply remove the molded in speed brake section from the fuse and install the functional set. Available in primer gray or white, the units can be retrofitted in about 2 hours. As with the full scale, the brakes have a full range of motion from 0 deg - 60 deg. fully extended. Two high torque digital servos are required for operation (we recommend using the JR 8411's or Futaba 9151 servos) . We are currently completing work on the (optional) electronic control unit to give the user more flexibility in installing and using the two servo setup, with features that include: reverse for both servos, independent ATV endpoint setting for precise matching of brake throws, speed adjustment and a brake extension limiter for landings that prohibit the brakes from extending beyond 42 deg. to prevent ground contact damage just like on the full scale. A simple plug in using a "Y" connector from the retract channel and the limiter is automatic any time the speed brakes are deployed when the gear is down.

Each system includes:

1 pair of (unpainted) speed brake units (fully assembled, ready to install)

2 standard heavy duty servo mounts with hardware.

pushrods with hardware

complete instructions and templates.

Introductory price:  $365.00


The scale drag chute system is now available.

System components include: (from top to bottom, left to right)

Molded fiberglass scale chute housing, forward fuse housing bulkhead (not shown), chute ejection air cylinder assembly, servo holder with integral button valve, air system tank, air line and all hardware (not shown).

System also includes choice of color for 20" 4 slot scale drag chute. The following colors are available: White, Yellow/Gold, Red, Blue, Black. The following 2 color striped chutes are also available in any two color combinations for an addition $30.00. White, Red, Black, Blue, Yellow/Gold or also red, white and blue for the same price.

Intro Price: $295.00 for solid color chutes, $325.00 for multi-color chutes. 

For complete chute system instructions, CLICK HERE.


Before and after photos of Petri Makela's Tigermeet F-16. First with chute box installed, then with box installed, painted and chute deployed. Great job Petri...                              


The following items are also currently available for the SM 1/6th F-16 ARF Plus:


Multi Watt Scale lighting package: Includes, Multi Watt scale lighting controller, scale lenses, wiring harnesses, and all lights. Click here for more info on the Multi Watt lighting systems.


Click here for the F-16 scale lighting instructions.



Super Scale Ordnance





Triple Ejector Rack (TER): Holds (3) Mk 82 (500lb) bombs, (3) Mk83 (1000lb) bombs or our new Mk82 Snakeye (retarded fall) 500lb bombs or CBU-54 cluster bombs, 1 pair racks, all mounting hardware. Furnished in primer gray, fully assembled.


3) Mk 83 (1000lb. bombs shown on TER)




Super Scale Aim-9 Sidewinders, sold in pairs (un-assembled in primer gray)


Super Detail Package for the SM 1/6th F-16

Included in Super Details pkg.

All external scoops, pitot tubes, static dischargers, molded turbine APU exhaust vent with cover and antennas not molded into fiberglass from Skymaster. All parts consistent with Block 40+ US F-16 airframes.




2 Seat F-16D

Details and photos coming soon.