Skymaster F-4 Custom Scale Parts

Ron Long's beautiful SM F-4 with our new operating canopy system


Click here to see the installation instruction manual

The canopy system includes the following components:

Carbon fiber reinforced pre-primed canopy fiberglass sections shown above. Molded clear canopy sections, electronic canopy sequencer (optional), molded offset hinge system, molded canopy locking system , molded canopy hooks, canopy actuation cylinders with  mounts, separate air tank, valve/servo mount for Robart spool valve (valve not included), custom micro servo mounts for canopy lock system (requires 2 micro servos for operation), air lines and fittings. A separate fill valve for air tank filling is required (not included), fuse ply reinforcement parts and a complete hardware pkg..

Introductory Price: $385.00 w/o electronic canopy sequencer  

                                   $465.00 w/ electronic canopy sequencer.


Drag Chute Pkg.

Click on the picture below to check out the chute deployment video.

Photo and video graciously provided by Michel Durand at


Complete system includes the following components:

Click here to see the installation instruction pages for closer details.



Chute tube assembly installed with door.

White oval in rear of tube is the deployment piston for the chute cylinder






Chute installed in tube assembly







Chute deployment assembly looking aft.

The deployment cylinder piston threads between the elevator pivot arms.

The elevator pushrods must be attached to the outside of each of the pivot arms.





Chute assembly installed. Top 1/4" ply cylinder mount shown fastened thru the lower fuse flanges. Tail hook assembly covers both screws.

The entire unit installs using only 3 screws. Cylinder requires minimum of 60 psi to eject chute.





F-4 Lighting System


The F-4 lighting system is now available. photos coming soon.


Please click here for the full set of lighting instructions.


System includes all of the following components: