Smart Driver & Smart Driver II





The Smart Driver allows semi-proportional control for any non-proportional switched RX channel, allowing the user to control output servo direction and ATV endpoints. You can also separately control any servo slaved to any receiver output channel. For example: If you are using a non-proportional switch (on/off only) on the transmitter, the Smart Driver gives you control of the servo endpoints and direction apart from any setting in the transmitter. The Smart Driver actually adds an additional proportional channel to any (on/off) transmitter channel.

The Smart Driver also allows manual operation of the output servo using a simple toggle switch. What ever position the servo is in, the manual switch when activated will move the servo to the opposite ATV setting. The switch needs to be in the off position to return the Smart Driver to Automatic mode. This is a great feature for showing off any special scale feature without turning on the transmitter.

The Smart Driver II has provisions for 2 inputs and up to 4 servo outputs. All with separate ATV and direction control.  Multiple scale functions can be pre-programmed to operate from one or two channels. AS with the Smart Driver, the channel one input  has the same manual switch for use without the transmitter being on.  Each input controls two outputs or you can control all 4 outputs with a single input using a supplied programming block.


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