About Details 4 Scale


I have been modeling for nearly 35 years now, and started Details 4 Scale to give the scale aircraft modeler that little extra detail that seems to be missing in so many designs today. It's not that the scale model companies can't do this for the modeler, but rather that they are limited to the amount of time available to them to meet all the requests for extras. That's where Details 4 Scale comes in...Whether your project is a $20,000 turbine jet, a WWI biplane or just some small external details for your current project, Details 4 Scale can make your project more realistic. I've spent the past several years refining plug modeling and component molding techniques to provide the scale modeler with component parts at reasonable prices and at a level of repeatability that up until now, has only been achievable through far more costly means. I have designed hundreds of molded parts, simple sport planes, 250 plus mph turbine jets and even  Stinger Missile target drones for the US Military. No project would be considered too small or too large. Let me know how we can help you with your project and We'll give you the best product we can. We appreciate your business.



Dan Gill, Owner/Designer