Aircraft Lighting Kits




Standard Lighting Controller









Our NEWEST Lighting Controller:

"The Advanced Programmable MULTI WATT

 Scale Navigation Lighting Controller."


See our Multi Watt Light Controller Page for more details.



Detail 4 Scale offers the finest in aircraft lighting systems. Our micro-processor controlled units are available for a wide range of model aircraft applications. The systems come in modular form allowing the modeler to customize the package to fit the exact model requirements, without having to make modifications. Custom units are available at an additional cost. Please e-mail us for all custom lighting system quotes.

To order a lighting system for your aircraft, we must know the following measurements:

wingspan, fuse length, fuse width, fuse height, height of tail surfaces, and where the control box will be placed in the aircraft.


Be sure to give us a call if you have any special lighting requirements. We would be happy to give you a free quote.  208-233-4721    9-6 M-F MST    USA