Auto Chute II Plus

Drag Chute Deployment System


Available in both single and dual servo units

With up to 4 parameter control inputs  and equipped with the latest canopy sequencer plus control built into the unit.

We have  re-designed the Autochute II unit and is now proud to offer the latest in chute deployment technology. The Autochute II Plus...

The Auto Chute II Plus module comes complete with a failsafe micro-processor controlled chute deployment and release system. Total weight 1.5oz. (unit only) Shown w/ receiver, (3) male pigtails that plug into standard "Y" harness' (not included)

 1 or 2 servos are required for operation of chute deployment and release system. (Not Included)

Check out the link at the bottom of the page for a peek at how the Autochute II functions.




Here's how it works:

The Autochute II Plus deployment and release system plugs in via  "Y" connectors into the flap, brake and throttle channels of the receiver. It uses the power from these channels to power the unit (draws only 5mA when in program set mode) The chute deployment and release is controlled by up to four parameters that allow the chute to deploy upon touchdown. 1. brake lever position, 2. ground speed, 3. flap position, 4. throttle idle position. Due to the unique programming, the chute cannot deploy in flight. The chute will only deploy with the aircraft on the ground and the wheels rolling. If the flaps, brakes and throttle are not set (as in a touch and go landing), the chute will not deploy, even with the wheels rolling. The unit works with any receiver/radio. Needs 2 separate servos, one for the chute deployment and one for the chute release from the aircraft (not included).

The deployment parameters must be met in order for the chute to deploy. The chute then releases from the aircraft once the aircraft comes to a stop and the flap lever is returned to the full "UP" position.


Single Servo Unit


Although the single servo unit was developed for the Fiber Classics Mig 29 due to it's deployment system, the single servo Autochute module will work for any chute deployment system needing only one servo to both deploy and release the chute from the aircraft. The single servo unit operates a bit differently from the dual servo design. It allows the user to set the endpoint ATV for both the release and the deployment set point, giving the modeler full control of the servo's throw and positioning of the servo horn at both the deployment and the release point. The module operates on the same principal as the dual design in that once the parameters are programmed into the unit, the Autochute II will deploy the chute when the aircraft touches down, providing both the flaps and brakes are in the deployment positions. Once the aircraft comes to a complete stop, the Autochute will release the chute from the aircraft automatically. All of which is accomplished without having to release either of the control sticks. Once the single servo Autochute is programmed, it will hold the programming indefinitely or until re-programmed.

Autochute II Plus Canopy Sequencer Control

When used in conjunction with our Canopy Sequencer Plus unit, the Autochute II Plus can also control an operating canopy without the need to use a separate receiver channel. Check out the Canopy Sequencer pages for further details.



Click here for the AutochuteII online manual

Click here for the Autochute setup demo videos