BVM F-100D/F  Detail Parts



Joe Grice's "Pretty Penny" back from another sortie featuring Details4Scale Bullpup missiles, Mk82 bombs and retractable landing lights deployed. The ordnance information can be found on the scale ordnance page. The retractable landing lights come in two versions: A stand alone version with separate battery source and as an addition to the Nav Lights package. Each retractable lighting kit comes ready to install with a complete set of photo instructions and templates for the light placement on either the F100D or F versions.


Once again, Joe Grice's "Pretty Penny" on final with the scale tail hook, tail hook guard and tail bumper in view.

The tail hook, tail hook guard, and the tail bumper assembly come fully assembled and ready to finish and install. The tail bumper requires 1 BVM 1" throw door cylinder for operation (available from BVM).  

Details 4 Scale offers a full set of molded light lenses for the BVM F-100D/F. Two anti-collision lights (red), one lower fuse position light, one tail anti-collision/position light and right and left wingtip lights with fiberglass bases. All the light lens are molded separately, ready to install with the exception of the wingtip lights which must have the fiberglass base finished before installing the lenses.


  Red anti-collision light lens (bottom fuse), lower fuse position lens, top fuse anti-collision lens, tail anti-collision/position light.


    A4 gun sight: The A4 gun sight comes complete as shown, ready to install. Installation is simple using two strips of self adhesive Velcro and can be added to an existing completed airframe or a new build job. Each gun sight is hand crafted and painted.


F-102 Afterburner nozzle:

Certain National Guard F-100D/F units had the burner nozzles replaced due to original F-100 nozzle problems. The replacement was from the F-102's that were being phased out of service. The Details 4 Scale F-102 burner nozzle has been faithfully reproduced to fit the BVM F-100D and F models. The Nozzle comes complete as shown, fully finished and detailed. The bolt pattern is a match for the BVM standard nozzle bolt pattern. The nozzle is insulated and lined with sheet aluminum to protect from heat damage. Note: The tailpipe on some installations may need to be shortened slightly to maintain the turbine manufacturer's installation instructions.




Nose Steering Box:

The nose steering box comes fully molded and ready to install and finish.

The kit comes complete with hydraulic lines and a full set of photo instructions. Version two of the steering box features a removable reservoir to facilitate removal of the strut screws. The first version of the box featured and permanently glued reservoir that covered the rear screw for the strut.


Scale drogue-chute package:

Package includes 4 slot scale parachute with hardware, molded fiberglass chute housing, molded carbon fiber doors with tube hinges and closure blocks. Chute is available separately.

Parachute available in white and gold/yellow