Custom Fuel Tanks


   Details 4 Scale is now offering design and tooling for epoxy coated, Kevlar fuel tanks for gas or kerosene use. We will strive to offer the highest quality, leak proof fuel tanks available. If you are looking for a custom size or just a replacement for a lesser quality tank, e-mail or give us a call.    208-233-4721  MST 9am-6pm

If you need just a single tank or maybe you are kitting an aircraft and want to have tanks made for your project, we can make any style or size custom tank including our latest custom tank hardware.


Shown to the left is our latest custom fuel tank set to replace the Tamjets stock  A-4 fuel tanks. The tanks are recommended for use with out 50oz. custom belly tank system for the A-4 due to higher fuel tank fill pressures. Each tank comes unassembled just as shown and can be used with Tamjets existing hardware or our custom tanks hardware. It's up to you.





 Here's a look inside the Tamjets A-4 custom Kevlar fuel tanks. Our tanks are made from a minimum of 3 layers using the finest in Kevlar and epoxy resins. Each tank is coated with a fuel proof white epoxy coating that prevents leaks by filling any possible pinholes.







Shown to the left is our molded fuel tank stopper assembly on the custom A-4 belly fuel tank cap. Note the o-ring seal and long threads to provide a positive tank seal. The opening thru the stopper is .625". We have a molded, weighted fuel tank clunk also available. The barbed fuel line fitting extends thru the entire stopper assembly providing a leak proof transition from the outer fuel hose to the clunk line. A brass tube is used for the vent line to allow the highest possible point in the tank for the vent line.

No tubes to try to bend and fit thru the tiny stopper hole!









Close up of our stopper assembly