Customer's Photo Gallery

If you use any of our products and would like to display your aircraft, please send us your favorite photos and we'll display them here.


 Extreme ARF F-100D with our Multi Watt Elite Scale Lighting and Scale Drag Chute System

Special Thanks to Lucas Magrin of Brazil for the great photo and build job







Joe Westrich's fabulous Skymaster Hawk 100 at Kentucky Jets 2015

The Hawk 100 is using our Multi Watt Elite Scale Lighting System, scale pylons, Matra 155 rocket pods & Aim-9 Sidewinders








Ron Ballard's beautiful MIBO Jets (Gen4) A-10 with our new Scale Operating Canopy and Multi Watt Scale Lighting Systems. Congratulations Ron!!!









Javier Izquierdo of Spain lines up on final with his beautiful Skygate Hawk.

Javier's Hawk has our outer wing pylons, missile rails and "Super Scale" Aim-9L Sidewinder missiles,

belly gun pod, static dischargers and operating canopy system




Petri Makela does it again with his fabulous 1/6th Skymaster Tiger Meet F-16, winning first place at the April Model Expo in Finland. Congratulations Petri. Petri has our scale lighting system, operating canopy system, speed brakes and drag chute installed in his F-16. Thanks him again Petri for all the great photos.





Johnny Hernandez's Immaculate Airworld Hawk at FL JETS 2009

Johnny Hawk was the debut platform for our new 1/5th scale Matra 550 Magic Missiles, rails and pylons as well as the 1/5th scale Matra 155 Rocket Pods and pylons.

Congratulations Johnny for winning "Best Military Jet" at this years event!


Petri Makela of Finland sends his F-16 on a night sortie! (not really)

All Petri is missing for his SM F-16 is our new operational nozzle system...

Ron Long's beautiful SM F-4

Ron's F-4 features our operating canopy system w/ canopy sequencer plus, Autochute II Plus, chute system and our scale lighting system.


Another spectacular shot of Petri Makela's SM F-16 after landing with chute and speed brakes deployed

Petri is also adding our operating canopy and scale lighting systems to his beautiful F-16.


Mark Schroeder's spectacular Skygate Hawk on final after it's maiden flight in England. Mark is using our static arrestor set and scale belly gunpod on his awesome Hawk. Due to the European weight rules, Mark can't add any more "goodies" to his Hawk...Sorry Mark.





Petri Makela's Superb Skymaster 1/6 Tigermeet F-16

Petri is using our scale drag chute system and plans to add the speed brakes next.

Beautiful job Petri !






Dennis "Godspeed" Michael deploys the twin drag chutes on his "Godspeed" DV8R at Kentucky Jets. Dennis is using two of our sport jet drag chute systems for the DV8R demonstrator. Very nice job Dennis.











Barry Raborn's Beautiful F-84G at on Final at TOP GUN 2008

Barry chose our scale 1000lb. general purpose bombs for ordnance



Jason Bauer of Orlando, FL. flew his Skymaster L-39 to 12th place at TOP GUN 2008. The L-39 features our scale pylon, drop tank set and our L-39 scale lighting system.






Bob Levine's stunning Skygate Hawk at Florida Jets 2008

Bob uses our pneumatic canopy system, scale fuse gauges, wing pylons, missile rails, super scale AIM-9 sidewinder missiles, drag chute system, fuse radio access bays, and a working, blank firing, belly gunpod/fuel tank system to accessorize his absolutely fabulous Swiss Hawk.




Close up of the museum scale Aim 9's and pylons





Close up of mounted belly gun pod.





Patrick Frost's BVM F-100D makes a low level knife edge pass at Spiderman Jet Meet. Shown in the photo are our Bullpup Missiles, Mk 82 (500lb) bombs, retractable landing lights and tailhook. Patrick also uses our Autochute II system for his parachute deployment.

Check out the awesome weathering job!

This F-100 was built for Patrick by Gary Jefferson.







Another great shot of Patrick's Hun on final approach









Patrick "Frosty" Frost's late great "Little Chris" Rhino. Sorry Patrick for your loss. What a beautiful F-4. Patrick is building a new F-4 with all the goodies. Chute pkg., operating canopies, full depth scale cockpit and a compliment of our newest ordinance for the BVM F-4.





Patrick's F-4 deploying drag chute. Patrick uses our 500lb mk82 bombs and chute system on his fabulous "Little Chris" Phantom.




Vic Montalbano's A-4 back after another sortie

shown with our C/L fuel tank, weapon's pylons and a pair of Mk83, 1000lb. bombs




Mark Balentine's fantastic Tamjets A-4 Skyhawk complete with our weapons pylons, Mk 83 (1000lb bombs), scale belly and 350 drop tanks.


















England's Steve Elias flew his F-100F to 6th place at the WJM in Hungary. Steve's immaculate F-100F sports a Detail's F-102 afterburner nozzle, wingtip lights, anti-collision lights, A4 gun-sight, antenna  pkg. and  a complete chute/housing pkg.                               

       F-100F and F-100D belong to Simon To of Hong Kong,  w/ bullpup missiles and drogue chute pkg.

USA Team member Rod Snyder sets up on final with his Thunderbird's F-100D. Closer look to the right as the aircraft comes to a halt on the tarmac after another sortie. Rod's F-100 is equipped with D4S retractable landing lights, wingtip lights, anti-collision light, tailhook w/ guard, nose steering box and a complete chute/housing pkg.

To see the complete parts listing for the BVM F-100D/F models, click on the photo above.



   Joe Grice's famous "Pretty Penny" poses for the camera at TOP GUN. Joe's F-100D was the first to sport Details 4 Scale parts at TOP GUN.   







Popping the hood after another run, "Pretty Penny" taxis back to pits at TOP GUN.





Dan Avilla's Hun rotates at Tucson Jets. Dan's F100D sports our F-102 afterburner nozzle, antenna pkg., tail bumper, retractable landing lights and nose steering box.


Nozzle and Tail Bumper

Kevin Thoele's  Details 4 Scale F9F-5 (Now BVM) enjoying time in the shade. Close up showing the cockpit lighting system engaged. Kevin's Panther was finished by Mr. Don Yockey of Texas.



Greg Anixter's beautiful BVM F-86F. Greg's F-86F features a set of retractable landing lights, Gun Bay pkg., detailed speed brake tubs, nose steering box, scale lighting package, machined aluminum wingtip probe and a pair of 1000lb. general purpose bombs. Click on the photo to view the parts close up.