Skymaster 1/5th Scale F-86 Sabre


We are currently working on the following parts for the F-86 Sabre Jet.



Scale .50 Cal Gun Bays for both the right and left side of the fuse. Each kit or fully finished unit comes complete with all parts closely duplicating the actual .50 Cal gun bays of the F-86. Each side unit (separate left and right units) comes with a carbon fiber reinforced gun bay door, fiberglass gun bay tub and all the parts necessary to complete each gun bay as shown to the left.

Finished, ready to install gun bays come completely assembled, painted and ready to install.

Finished Gun Bay units have a 6-8 week lead time.





Scale speed brake tub inserts (right and left). Available in kit or finished ready to install versions. Each kit comes complete with a pair of fiberglass molded tubs plus all the parts necessary to closely duplicate the actual F-86 speed brake units. Un-assembled kits are un-painted and require complete assembly. Finished speed brake tub units come completely assembled, painted and ready to install in the fuse.

Finished speed brake units have a 6-8 week lead time



Scale molded fuel dump mast. Un-painted. The fuel dump mast comes complete with mounting hardware allowing the mast to be removed for transport if necessary.






Scale aluminum wingtip probe. Machined and polished aluminum probe comes complete with wing mounting tube. Each probe is pre-bent to match scale wing angle bend.





Scale retractable landing light units. Each unit comes with the light fixture, scale flange, offset hinge units and mounting rings. Each unit requires a micro metal gear servo for operation.









Scale 500lb, 1000lb. bombs are available in kit form and fully assembled and painted. (1000lb bomb shown)







Scale 5" HVAR rockets with mounting post pylons. Available in kit form only. Each kit consists of 8 rocket tubes (molded fiberglass), 32 molded fins and 8 pylon sets with mounting hardware. Each rocket set is highly details closely duplicating the 5" HVAR rockets carried by the Sabre.



All the parts shown above are available thru our online store Skymaster Jets sections

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