Skymaster F-14 Scale Parts


We have a few new scale items for the F-14. Items shown below are available now. We will have a new 3 position swing wing drive system to control the stock Skymaster wing drive motors. available Oct 10, 2015

Available Oct 30th we will have the new operating GE-110 nozzles (these are the type last used on the F-14D models prior to the Tomcat's decommission.) These nozzles move open and closed similar to an F-16's nozzle. The GE-110 and TF-30 nozzles are available in a non-functioning fixed type configuration.


Check back for photos and updates.





Scale operating TF-30 nozzles for the F-14. Each pair of nozzles comes with a twin AB lighting unit for maximum realism. Operates using 4 servos and a single Matchbox. Kit includes all necessary hardware to mount nozzles, 4 servo mounts included. Each nozzle set comes completely finished and assembled, ready to install.

Note*** The stock nozzle mounting flanges need to be cut off to install the operating units. This takes just a few minutes using a cut-off wheel and sanding block.

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Right nozzle installed











Rear view (nozzle in full open position)
















Super Scale Refueling Probe




Scale operating refueling probe with carbon fiber doors, fiberglass probe unit enclosure and operating mechanism.

Unit uses a single micro metal gear servo for operation.

Front door closes automatically by the use of mechanical timing when probe reaches maximum travel.


Each unit will come painted and fully assembled (servo not included). Just paint the outer door panels to match your kit. If you do not wish to paint the parts, you can cut the door section out of your jet using a razor saw and we'll install your painted doors (no extra charge) prior to shipment with your purchase of the system.

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Super Scale Boarding Ladder







Super scale boarding ladder installed. The ladder comes pre-assembled in it's own ladder bay with a new molded fiberglass/carbon fiber door, ready to install. Simply cut out the door opening to fit the ladder. Once the bay and door are fitted the ladder can be folded down for display.

Just paint the outside of the door to match your scheme.