Skymaster EDF A-10 Scale Ordnance



EDF A-10 ordnance available:



CBU-87 Cluster Bombs (shown painted)

each kit comes with 2 bombs, molded fins, bomb separator (on the nose of bomb)

scale decals

Available both painted and un-painted




Aim-9 Sidewinders (sold in pairs shown painted)

each kit comes with a fiberglass main tube body and molded fins

Sold in un-assembled, un-painted kits only.

Dual missile rails and base (not shown are included with each missile pair kit)


AGM-65 Maverick missiles with rail launcher. (sold individually, painted or un-painted)

Each maverick kit contains one missile tube (body) with clear nose lens and camera parts (shown inset), molded fins

rail launcher and missile rail guides and scale decals.



Camera with lens and camera insert (black)






Triple Ejector Rack with 3 Mk 82 (500lb. bombs)

Available as a kit only (un-assembled and un-painted). Each kit comes with 1 Triple Ejector Rack , molded scale anti-sway braces, 3 Mk 82 bombs with molded arming cones, molded fins and scale decals for the bombs.

Mk 82 bombs are also available separately (painted or un-painted)








LAU 132 Rocket Launcher Tube

Available painted or un-painted. Each launcher comes with a fiberglass main body and 2 molded 7 station end caps,










AGM-114 Hellfire missiles (available as a kit only)

Each kit comes with the main pylon, rail brackets, rails and 3 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles with clear lenses, molded fins and scale decals.







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