Fuel Tanks

We Stock some common Kevlar tanks as well as make any type custom fuel tank.

Below is a list of tanks we stock.


Direct replacement Kevlar fuel tanks for the Tamjets A-4 Skyhawk.

Tamjets A-4 Fuel Tanks
Qty: Price: $130.00

If you would like the tanks Aeropoxied together for you, order the tank assembly below.


Tamjets A-4 Fuel Tank Assembly Fee (No Hardware Provided)
Qty: Price: $20.00


50 oz. capacity Kevlar fuel/smoke tanks custom fitted for the BVM F100-F

The tanks are designed to fit around the bypass and anchor to the bulkhead as shown. The tanks are supplied un-assembled with all hardware.


BVM F100-F Smoke/Fuel tanks
Qty: Price: $130.00


The tank set includes an integral 50oz. Kevlar fuel cell that inserts into the scale belly tank. The set includes all plumbing and hardware.


Scale Belly Pylon and Tank (w/50oz. Kevlar fitted fuel tank)
Qty: Price: $175.00


1/8th scale F-16 Belly Fuel Tank Set w/ 36oz Kevlar Tank and Molded Pylon (hardware included, w/o Clunk)
Qty: Price: $185.00








1/6th scale F-16 belly fuel tank set w belly pylon, integral 65oz. Kevlar fuel cell and hardware
supplied in primer gray, un-assembled.

Qty: Price: $345.00