Tam Jets A-4 Skyhawk

New 50oz. fuel tank with integral scale belly pylon/tank now available.




NEW Epoxy Coated Kevlar fuel tanks for the A-4 Skyhawk

The tanks shown to the left are a direct high quality replacement for the A-4 kit's stock fuel tanks. For use with the stock hardware or our custom stopper assembly and separate vent line. Click on the photo for more information on our new custom fuel tanks.

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The complete tank set is shown to the left. Set includes a scale belly tank with integral pylon, 50 ounce epoxy coated Kevlar fuel tank with cap, stopper assembly, clunk, fuse mounting hardware, clunk fuel line and instructions.

Note: The tank sequence must be changed in order to use the new 50oz. belly tank. The belly tank must be 2nd in line and feed the main tank directly with the saddle tanks draining first in order for the setup to function properly.




Photo showing fuel tank inserted into scale belly tank.






Assembled belly tank with complete fuel tank assembly inside. 6mm supply line is shown protruding from the top of the tank pylon ready to mount to fuselage.



A-4 Scale Ordnance

From left to right:

Napalm canister

Zuni rocket pod

Mk83 1000lb bomb

Mk82 500lb bomb

AGM-12B Bullpup missile

AGM-45 Shrike missile

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Pylon hard points and drop tanks available below.






Johnny Hernandez's beautiful  A-4 with our pylons and drop tanks installed.


Under wing drop tanks are now available. Shown with tank pylon. Click on the photo for current pricing.

Tanks are 30" long x 3.7" diameter. Pylons and tanks available separately in pairs in primer gray.



Photo of an outer wing weapons pylon. Pylons come complete with anti-sway jacks, screws and instructions.

Raised access doors  molded in. Available in primer gray.