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***Special Notice to Our Customers***

We will be closed for renovations from Sept 1st 2017 thru Nov. 15th 2017

Will will still be accepting orders for all of our lighting systems, chute systems or chutes ala carte, but will not be able to accept any fiberglass, custom parts or machining orders for the period listed above. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but are making some changes that will allow us to serve our customers better in the near future.

This will NOT effect any current pending orders. If you currently have an order pending from us, the order will still be filled as soon as possible.

Our phone number has also changed. The new number is: 208-530-2360

Phone calls will be returned as quickly as possible during the renovation period, but it may be a couple days before phone calls can be returned. E-mails will also be returned as soon as possible. If you place an order for a lighting system, chute or complete chute system, the orders will continue to be filled during the renovation period without delay.

If you have a special parts need, please feel free to contact us. We still may be able to fill the order depending on what the part might be. There are simply too many parts that we might be able to make during the renovation period to list here.


Thank You,

Dan Gill



We are the number one provider of custom molded R/C scale parts and accessories for the discerning scale modeler. We also manufacture a large selection of scale fiberglass and plastic parts and scale accessories for today's most popular scale jets and scale prop aircraft.

   We specialize in molded fiberglass parts, molded plastic parts and machined aluminum scale parts.

   We have an extensive list of high output scale lighting systems, afterburner rings and controllers as well as many unique electronic accessories that will enhance your current or future scale projects.

  With over 40 years of experience, Details 4 Scale is the go to company if you are looking to enhance the scale appearance of your scale aircraft.


Details 4 Scale is an Authorized Skymaster Jets dealer.




New For March 2017


New EA-18G Growler conversion set

for the Skymaster 1:6.25 F-18F Hornet

Set includes 2 "Super Scale" underwing ALQ-99 high freq. jammer pods w/spinning prop rotors, 1 ALQ-99 low freq. jammer pod w/ prop rotor

2 ALQ-218 wingtip receiver pods w/ molded fins, intake scoops and mounting rails, ECS rear fuse vents, 2 rear fuse blisters, scale antenna pkg.,

molded wing fences, machined (polished) AOA probes and air speed pitot

Call us for pricing and delivery schedule


Nose radio equipment bays for the Skymaster 1:4.75 Hawk

Set comes with 2 bays, 2 carbon fiber doors, equipment plates and offset hinges.


New For January 2017

Replacement High Flow

Kevlar Fuel Tanks for the BVM PNP 1/6th F-16

click here for ordering details



New For December 2016

Operating Nozzle for Skymaster 1/5th scale F-16

This is a direct replacement for the stock fixed nozzle

Twist Locks in place

Click on the link below for the operational video



New Speed Brake System and .50 cal gun bays for Tomahawk Design F-86



New for 2015

Operating TF-30 Scale Nozzles for the Skymaster F-14 Tomcat

with custom CNC cut Afterburner Lighting System




Skymaster F-14 Scale refueling probe system


Super Scale Boarding Ladder


Click here for complete details




Extreme ARF 1/5th Scale F100D using our "NEW" Multi Watt Elite Scale Lighting System

Along with our scale F-100 drag chute system

Special thanks to Lucas Magrin of Brazil for the great photo and build

Click here for Multi Watt Elite Details












Randy Clark's fabulous Extreme ARF 1/5th scale F-100D with our new scale F-102 Afterburner Nozzle and AB lighting system

Click here for info on the F-102 nozzle, AB light unit and Multi Watt Elite Scale Lighting System.





Scale ordnance for the Skymaster EDF A-10 (photo courtesy of Wes Paris)

click here for complete details


Operating Ladder System for the Mibo A-10 (Gen3-Gen5)

Click here for ordering information

(Photo Courtesy of Stan Caussel of France)







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